The Headstone Story Quest was a Story Quest that started directly after returning to Jack Sparrow after completing the Black Pearl Boss Battle. It consisted of a cutscene where Jack tells the story of the Headstone, and its power: To control the wind. Then, Jack sends you off to Padres Del Fuego (the supposed location of the Headstone), to visit Valentina, a gypsy, who is said to know the location of the Headstone. After the player talks to Valentina, the quest ended. On March 27th, 2008 the Cutscene, and task to visit Valentina were removed from the game.

Game Note: When the quest was still out, The Black Pearl Crew Story Quest was divided into Chapters (Chapt. 1-3). The Headstone was called Chapter 4 (see final screenshot)

Early Developer Diaries speak of The Headstone Story Quest, hinting at what possible events in the Story Quest would have been.

  • Developer Diary 4 - Environments - "One of the bigger islands in the game is Padres Del Fuego which includes a vast network of volcanic caves complete with waterfalls and rivers overflowing with lava. In the fourth chapter of the game, players will be sent to Padres Del Fuego on a daring quest into the depths of the volcano itself!"
  • Developer Diary 4 - Environments - ". . . visit Kingshead on a quest to rescue Jack Sparrow and must navigate the labyrinth of military structures to retrieve him."
  • Developer Diary 5 – Voodoo and the Supernatural - "As a pirate, all Jack desires is his ship. To find it, he first must obtain an ancient artifact that allows its owner to control the wind. This artifact will not only provide Jack with his ship, but with his freedom as well. As a player, you can help Jack find the artifact, but as a Pirate you yourself have an eye on the prize as well..."

Known Quest Parts

Name Task Reward
Visit Valentina Visit Valentina on Padres Del Fuego. 500 Notoriety Points.

Cutscene Audio and Screenshots

Below is the Audio for the Cutscene.

Story Quest The Headstone Audio