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Story Quest: Set Sail is the first of all story quests in the game, and is the second quest in The Liberation of the Black Pearl Story Chapter. It is given to the player as soon as the player finishes the Tutorial Quest on Rambleshack. After you receive the pistol from Barbossa, the Black Pearl Crew Story Quest begins.


Acquire a ship and learn to master her as soon as you can. Because a pirate who can't sail is nothing more than a landlocked landlubber too busy to toil away at life to actually live it!


Note: The parts of the quest that are in bold will be skipped if the player opts to skip the tutorial.

Name Task Reward
Defeat 3 Skeletons Defeat 3 Undead Gravediggers on Port Royal. 25 Notoriety Points
Find Tia Dalma. Visit Tia Dalma. 25 Notoriety Points and a Compass
Recover Release Orders Recover release orders from a Navy Cadet on Port Royal 25 Notoriety Points
Get Governor's Stamp Deliver release orders to Elizabeth Swann in the Governor's Mansion on Port Royal. 100 Notoriety Points
Visit Darby Drydock Find shipwright Darby Drydock - a ray of light will guide you to him. A ship and 25 Notoriety Points
Launch your ship. Launch your ship from a dingy on Port Royal. 25 Notoriety Points
Find Captain Barbossa. Visit Captain Barbossa in Barbossa's Grotto on Devil's Anvil. 100 Notoriety Points and a Flintlock Pistol.
Practice Shooting Defeat a Monkey. None
Return to Captain Barbossa. 100 Notoriety Points and a Flintlock Pistol.

Game Notes:

  • There are popup message boxes to guide you through the quest.
  • There is also a message when you go to the jail door that appears when you finished the tutorial at least once that says if you want to go to Port Royal instead.