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Stink Pot

Stink Pot is a ceramic pot filled with noxious gas and foul smelling gunk. This grenade does less damage, but has a lingering effect on those struck by it. It also has a larger explosion range than other grenades.

Increasing the level of this ability increases damage, but also increases the amount of time enemies are affected by the stench!

Rank Damage Slow
Rank 0 66-131 10s
Rank 1 88-175 10s
Rank 2 109-218 12s
Rank 3 131-262 15s
Rank 4 153-306 17s
Rank 5 175-350 20s
Rank 6 197-393 22s
Rank 7 208-415 25s

They can be purchased at any gunsmith shop, once the pirate has learned this ability.

Game Notes

  • There appears to be a glitch where stink pot counts as a voodoo attack. A weapon with Hex Ward may actually block a Stink Pot attack.
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