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Note: This article refers to content from a seasonal event, which usually reoccurs once every year.

St. Patrick's Day is an event/series of events in mid-to-late March, celebrated in honor of the Irish patron saint, Maewyn Succat, also known as St. Patrick.


The events are Irish and green color themed. The seas turn green apparently due to the arrival of Shamus O'Malley of the Marceline Guild. Shamus claims he went with the Marceline to sink East India Trading Company cargo ships, and green dye was spilled, turning the seas green... or it may just have been because of an alarming growth of phyto-plankton - that only seems to grow around St. Patrick's time.

Screenshots sea green.png

Another key feature of this event is limited edition green hair dye offered by barbers around the Caribbean courtesy of Shamus himself. The hair dye has been quite popular amongst pirates since the events were introduced in 2009.

Many Marceline GM events were held with Shamus in the lead honoring St. Patrick. Also, if Shamus was ever found roaming around randomly, he would congratulate the pirate and offer him a select amount of gold

Shamus O'Malley & Old Sooty in Game.
Shamus 3.jpg Screenshot 2011-03-20 16-00-09.jpg
Shamus & Friends2.jpg Shamus & Friends.jpg
Screenshot 2012-03-17 18-48-07.jpg SootyTime.jpg

St. Patrick's Day Quest

Luck of the Seas Card Icon.png

In 2019, The Legend of Pirates Online added a St. Patrick's Day quest featuring Shamus O'Malley, who appeared on the docks in Tortuga. As part of A Hexed Sparrow, Shamus asks the pirate's help when Captain Jack Sparrow's renowned good luck suddenly runs out.

Completing the quest earns the pirate the Luck of the Seas sailing charm.

St. Patrick's Day Peddler Outfit

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The St. Patrick's Day Outfit is a matching outfit offered to all players for purchase.  This outfit makes you look like a leprechaun! It was available from the Peddlers on Padres Del Fuego, Port Royal, Tortuga, and Cuba. Peddlers offer clothing that will only be available for a limited time.

Along with this outfit, matching tattoos and green hair dye are also available around St. Patrick's Day.

  • Available: During St. Patrick's Day Holiday Event
  • Complete Outfit (Female): 5,400 Gold
  • Complete Outfit (Male): 5,400 Gold

St. Patrick's Day Tattoos

These green tattoos can be bought from Tattoo Artists around St. Patrick's Day.

Image Cost Tattoo Image Cost Tattoo
Celtic Leaf Chest Tattoo (2).jpg 1000 Gold Tattoo chest color celtic4leaf.png CelticLeafTAT.jpg 300 Gold Tattoo chest color celtic4leaf.png
ShamrockChestTat.png 1000 Gold Tattoo chest color shamrock.png Shamrock Arm Tattoo (2).jpg 300 Gold Tattoo chest color shamrock.png
Tattoo.jpg 500 Gold Tattoo face color face horseshoeclovers.png CloverFaceTat.jpg 500 Gold Tattoo face color face 2clovers.png
CelticKnot.png 300 Gold Tattoo arm color celtic knot.png

Game Notes:

  • There was a bug that allowed you to buy all of the Saint Patrick's Day and Mother's Day tattoos long after the event ended.
  • Patrick's Day 2012 had appearances from O'Malley and Old Sooty. They appeared on the northern wild islands, being Perdida, Rumrunner's, Driftwood, and Cangrejos. The player had to be wearing green and ask politely or Old Sooty would not give the code for Golden Knuckles.
  • It is possible to keep your pirate's green hair colour long past the end of the event. So long as it is not changed again at a barber, it will remain green indefinitely.