Spirit Dolls are dolls that use spirit energy to cure friends and eliminate foes; they share many similarities to the Nature Staves. They give you the ability to more effectively heal friends and free yourself of negative effects.

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Abilities of Spirit Dolls

There are different abilities for different Spirit Dolls, the ability a Doll has is normally based off of what Weapon Group it's in.


Staff conservation
Cleanse removes all negative effects from your pirate. It is found on the Cleansing Dolls and several other weapons.

Evil Eye

Grenade determination2
Evil Eye is a weapon skill that allows a pirate to attune a target to their voodoo doll from a distance, simply by staring at it. Evil Eye is charged over time when the doll is equipped.

Monkey Panic

Grenade toughness
Monkey Panic raises your health and attack power for a short period of time. It is found on the Monkey Dolls and several other weapons.


Staff harmony
Regeneration is a Weapon Skill that heals you over time. It is found on the Conquistador Dolls.

Spirit Mend

Voodoo will power
Spirit Mend allows a pirate to heal more than one friend without splitting the healing between pirates. This ability is found on all Spirit Dolls bought from Gypsies and the Traveler Dolls.

Types of Spirit Dolls

Cleansing Dolls

Cleansing Doll Group

Doll of Cleansing DollofPurification Doll of Sacred Rituals - clearer

Conquistador Dolls

Conquistador Doll Group

SoldierDoll Hero Doll Fencer Doll Swordsman doll Conquistador Doll - clearer TreasureHunterFake

Monkey Dolls

Gorilla Doll Group

Monkey Doll Chimpanzee Doll Card Baboon-doll Orangutan Doll - clearer Gorilla Doll

Spirit Binder Dolls

Soul Binder Doll Group

Gaze Binder Voodoo Doll SightBinderDoll FarBinderDoll SpiritBinderDoll Soul Binder Doll

Traveler Dolls

Explorer Doll Group

SailorDoll SeafarerDoll Traveler Doll Voyager doll Explorer doll card clearer Adventurer Doll

Buyable Spirit Dolls

Healing Doll Mending Doll Restoration Doll Renewal Doll
Life Doll

Other Spirit Dolls

Rag Doll Cupie Doll - clearer

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