Spice Trader is a matching outfit offered for purchase by the Peddlers on the main islands Padres Del Fuego, Cuba, Port Royal, and Tortuga. Peddlers offer clothing that will only be available for a limited time (2 months).

This garb is the preferred attire for many merchants importing and exporting herbs and spice powders from the far reaches of the globe. Spice trading must be lucrative since this is one of the most expensive outfits.

  • Complete Outfit (Female): 8,600 gold
  • Complete Outfit (Male): 10,000 gold
  • In-Stock Dates (POTCO): N/A
  • In-Stock Dates (TLOPO): November 2018


Screenshot 2018-11-01 22-19-38
Screenshot 2018-11-01 22-19-43


Game Note

Spice Trader was NOT originally offered Pirates Online, but added in The Legend of Pirates Online game in 2018

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