Undead Spanish Bandido

The Spanish Undead sailors who lost their lives in combat with the French have risen again as Jolly Roger's servants. But, these loyal Spaniards would rather carry on their fight with the French Undead. Unlike the French who use foils, they all use two cutlasses!

You can find any Spanish undead at Cutthroat Isle and Cutthroat Jungle, as well as the Lava Gorge on Padres del Fuego.

These rogues use two swords in combat and do quick combos with them. Unlike their slightly more restrained than their French Undead counterparts, they are very savage in their assaults.


Name Level Health Points
Spanish Undead Conquistador 10-15750-1,250
Spanish Undead Bandido 15-201,250-1,750
Spanish Undead Pirata 20-251,750-2,250
Spanish Undead Capitan 25-302,250-2,750

Game Note - These levels can vary on Flagships as the levels of enemies on flagships change depending on you and your crew's notoriety level.



Not only has Jolly resurrected the sailors, but he has risen a fleet of ships from their watery graves.

You can find these stalking around Cutthroat Isle. All the ships are war sloops

These always come with a dangerous crew of Spanish undead to man them.


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