"Spanish Conquistador" redirects here. For the undead soldier, see: Spanish Undead Conquistador.
Female Spanish Conquistador
Spanish Conquistador male

Spanish Conquistador is a matching outfit offered for purchase by the Peddlers on Padres Del Fuego, Cuba, Port Royal, and Tortuga. It is similar to the outfit El Patron wears, and more specifically, the hat and shirt.

The Cabaset is similar to Steel Cabaset and Bronze Cabaset that you can purchase from a PvP Infamy Reward Merchant.

  • Complete Outfit (female): 5,400 gold.
  • Complete Outfit (male): 5,000 gold.
  • In-Stock Dates (POTCO): May 2011, October 1st 2012, October 23rd 2012, August 24th 2013
  • In-Stock Dates (TLOPO): August 1st 2018


The name "Guy Fawkes" on this outfit's shirt and blouse is most likely a reference to 16th century Guy Fawkes, who part of a conspiracy to overthrow King James and blow up the English parliament.

The outfit was additionally leaked the morning of October 1st, and again in the evening on October 23rd.



Multiple Color Variations for Pants

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