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Soul's Shadow
Soul's Shadow card.png
Break Attack Dark Curse Rank 4
Boost(s) Jumping Slash +2
Unique Ability Critical Strike Rank 3
Attack Power 94
Location Looted from The Watcher
Rarity Legendary
Required Level Sword 30
Value 2012 Gold
Weapon Model

Soul's Shadow is a legendary broadsword that can only be found from The Watcher, the mysterious ghost boss in the Hollowed Woods on Port Royal. This sword possesses a rank 4 Dark Curse break attack, temporarily giving the user the appearance of an orange ghost and boosted defense. Its rank 3 Critical Strike allows for a slim chance to deal double damage with any sword strike. The blade also offers a +2 boost to Jumping Slash.

Game Notes

  • All three Legendary weapons that The Watcher possesses have abilities that transform the user into a ghost and reduce damage taken, being Dark Curse and Watcher's Visage.