Weapon Card
Soldier's Broadsword
Break Attack Hurricane Slash Rank 1
Boost(s) Brawl +1
Attack Power 50
Group General's Broadsword Group
Location Can only be found in loot.
Rarity Common
Required Level 17
Value 99 Gold
Weapon Model
Broadsword E(Autocropped)

The Soldier's Broadsword is a common broadsword. This powerful weapon has a Hurricane Slash ability, and also gives the wielder a boost to the Brawl skill.

General's Broadsword Group

Military Broadsword 2010-11-27 Soldier's Broadsword Cakvary Broadsword1 Dragoon's Broadsword UpdatedBrigadier'sBroad General's Broadsword - clearer

Game Note

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