"Snap Dragon" redirects here. For the Peddler outfit, see: Snapdragon.
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Snap Dragon
Fly trap trans
Enemy type Rancid Fly Trap
Health 13-19
Level(s) 5,250-8,250
Location(s) Queen's Nest, El Sudoron, Misty Mire

Snap Dragon is a dangerous Rancid Fly Trap Boss that can often be found in Misty Mire on Tortuga, the beaches of Outcast Isle and jungles of Isla Perdida.

It appears between Levels 13-19. It's deadly Acid Spit is something to be weary of, as it deals damage over a period of time. Best to keep a distance, as it also lashes out with it's vines and large, thorny mouth.


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