The Smash A Skeleton Competition was an event in Pirates Online that occurred in 2013. In the event, players would defeat the most skeleton enemies over the weekend of June 28th. The top "smashers" would receive 50,000 gold and 2 weeks of complimentary Unlimited Access. The event is strikingly similar to the Slay A Skeleton Competition that took place in 2009 and 2012.

News Posts Regarding the Event

Winners Post - July 12th

Congratulations to the winners of this year's Smash the Most Skeletons event!
Jolly Roger's undead were undone with uncanny dispatch throughout the islands during this most recent challenge.
Ye Pirates who had a "bone to pick" with the original tally were correct - we missed a few bones out there in the murky swamps. Here are the revised, final counts and winners.
Though some of the top ten traded spots, all ten remained the same Pirates. Smashing job, mates!
        Skeleton Smasher   Defeated
  1.    Black Widow   38,109

  2.    Lord Darknesz   35,032

  3.    Firehazzard   32,846

  4.    Cutler Cutthroat   30,989

  5.    Bladerage   26,562

  6.    Charles Warmonk   21,157

  7.    Cory No-Ko   19,025

  8.    Lazy Jumpa   17,749

  9.    Amigo   17,446

  10.    Joseph Blasthawk   15,963

  11.    Mark Scurvyfox   15,588

  12.    Matthew Cannoncrash   15,398

  13.    Billy Warmonger   14,269

  14.    Emily Treasurehawk   12,944

  15.    Rapidfire Sebu   12,927

  16.    Elizibeth Red Fire   12,628

  17.    Emily Wavewalker   11,841

  18.    Captain Rai   11,797

  19.    Silvia Freeze   10,060

  20.    Jeremiah Gleaming   9,459

  21.    Christopher Docksilver   8,578

  22.    Sherlock Jones   8,409

  23.    Aly   7,858

  24.    Bay B Dragon   7,840

  25.    Elizabeth Redhayes   7,832

  26.    John Stormeagle   7,579

  27.    Nell Shorekidd   7,075

  28.    Somer Blonde   6,955

  29.    Samuel Phantommenace   6,762

  30.    Atlas   6,627

  31.    Avery Dragonblade   6,500

  32.    Wolf Fang   6,364

  33.    Sam Gunfox   6,040

  34.    Angus McWrecker   5,923

  35.    John Cannonskull   5,891

  36.    Rosa Heartcastle   5,407

  37.    Sir Pasta Lot   5,392

  38.    Remy   4,968

  39.    Eric Stormwalker   4,833

  40.    Red Scarlet   4,560

  41.    Kate Sunwalker   4,480

  42.    Maximus Dreadroberts   4,224

  43.    Kelly Darkgrim   4,173

  44.    Wayne Darkangel   4,143

  45.    Matthew   3,926

  46.    Sailor George   3,781

  47.    Joan   3,679

  48.    Christopher Sharkbones   3,672

  49.    Johnny Lockskull   3,627

  50.    Jon   3,622

These mighty Pirates who were bumped from that original top forty list still retain their gold prize of course, as well as honorable mention here:

More winners is always a bit o' fortune, savvy?

The top 10 Pirates with the most skeletons smashed win 2-weeks of complimentary Unlimited Access!
If your winning Pirate is Basic, your 2-weeks Unlimited Access time begins around noon (Pacific Time) this Sunday, July 14, 2013. If your winning Pirate already enjoys Unlimited Access, the complimentary 2 weeks are added onto the end of your existing Membership. Keep in mind, this bumps your regular billing date by two weeks.

NOTE: The Unlimited Access is applied to the Pirate's account who took part in the event. Please see your e-mail for details.

All other winners, you will receive your gold code prize in an e-mail on Monday, July 15.
Your e-mail will include instructions on how to redeem your gold code in-game.

Our undying thanks to ALL Pirates
who took part in defeating the most undead!

Announcement Post - June 27th

Starting this Friday, June 28 through Sunday June 30, grab yer weapon of choice and defeat as many undead skeletons as ye can!


Once we've counted up all the broken bones, we’ll award the top 50 Pirates with the highest tally of undead enemies defeated over the entire three-day weekend competition.

  • All 50 winners will each receive 50,000 gold coins in treasure.
  • The top 10 winners with the highest number of undead defeated will also receive 2 weeks of complimentary Unlimited Access on top of that!

NOTE: Prizes will be awarded through e-mail. Make sure your e-mail address is current on the Pirate’s account you’re competing with by clicking here!

ONLY undead enemies count in this competition, mates. Undead bosses, skeleton crews on Flagships, and invasions are fair game too.
Jumbee, Ghosts, and PvP Pirates do NOT count as undead.

Using glitches or cheating of any kind will disqualify you from the entire Competition.

What: Smash the Most Skeletons Competition
When: Friday, June 28 through Sunday, June 30
Where: Wherever the undead lurk

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