Sir Charles Newgate
Sir Charles Newgate
Occupation Pirate
Faction Marceline Guild
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Sir Charles Newgate is a Game Master and an officer of the Marceline guild.


A shrewd merchant and able sailor, Sir Charles Newgate was born into an aristocratic family in the south of England. His grandfather and father were both advisers to the king. His uncle was a decorated military officer and expanded the family land holdings to include three villages and two castles. Only trouble for Charles was that being the fifth son meant he would inherit none of the family estate. His only choices were to become a priest, work in his eldest brothers’ employ, or join the military. He chose the life of a soldier.

Earning his way to becoming a commander of naval marines, Charles Newgate was knighted after he led a near impossible campaign against the French off the shores of Tripoli. In fierce ship-to-ship fighting, his small fleet sunk a large French armada. The win helped the King of England save face to the world. To show his gratitude, he gave Sir Charles a small tobacco plantation in Jamaica. Not a farmer by trade, he quickly got himself into deep debt. When a hurricane wiped out his meager crops, Sir Charles became a Privateer, with legitimate papers from the Governor. The real money, however, was in outright piracy, and he did that as well. But… he always performed these deeds in disguise or under the cover of the night to protect his Privateer status. He’s watched with disgust as the EITC wrestled more and more of the Caribbean from the Navy’s control. He still has great admiration for the Navy though all of the good officers have retired or returned to England. And while he thinks it’s distasteful to attack a Navy ship, he’s not above it to get what he needs. Sir Charles lends his knowledge of military tactics to the Marceline guild helping them avoid messy confrontations whenever possible. “Better to live and fight another day than to stand and perish,” is Sir Charles’ favorite saying, but when battle is inevitable, he always wins the day.

— Pirates Online

Game Note:

  • Sir Charles Newgate has an old body type.

Skill Levels

  • Notoriety: Level 49
  • Cannon: Level 25
  • Sailing: Level 25
  • Sword: Level 30
  • Gun: Level 30
  • Voodoo Doll: Level 25
  • Dagger: Level 25
  • Grenade: Level 30
  • Voodoo Staff: Level 30
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