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Silver Striker
Break Attack Power Slash Rank 4
Boost(s) Cleave +3
Unique Ability Voodoo Damage Rank 3
Attack Power 92
Cost Moonstones Large: 350, Enchanted: 1,200
Location Loot / Yuletide Manor
Rarity Legendary
Required Level Sword 30
Value 2488 Gold
Weapon Model


The Silver Striker is a Legendary Cutlass added in the Yuletide Manor event update. This elegant sword has a thunderous Power Slash attack to knock down your enemies, plus a strong Voodoo Damage ability to drain their magic power.

It can be bought in Yuletide Manor or found in Loot during the Holiday Event of December and January. It can purchased directly from Holly Frost but it will cost you 350 Large Moonstones PLUS 1,200 Enchanted Moonstones.

Similar to the Lost Sword of El Patron, this Legendary blade also features a gold trail behind each of it's attacks.

Game Note

  • This sword was added in The Legend of Pirates Online and NOT part of the original Pirates Online.
  • It was the first purchasable legendary.
  • General Hex cannot drop this weapon.