Silver Freeze still shot
Silver Freeze sweep

Silver Freeze is a special weapon ability, found only on Silver Freeze. It releases a chilling group of knives that freeze all nearby enemies in place for about 5 seconds. This allows the user to either make a quick escape, or dispatch their helpless foe. It is similar to Freeze Sweep and Cursed Ice. But, unlike Cursed Ice, it freezes all enemies around the user.

Beware, this skill only lasts a few seconds, so keep in mind you probably won't have enough time to make a clean getaway. This skill takes about thirty seconds to charge - and sometimes when the enemy has Stun Immunity, the freeze will not affect them - so Silver Freeze will not work until the immunity is off.

Note: When the Silver Freeze debuff icon is displayed above an enemy's health, the name is displayed as Unknown.

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