Store Variations

Peddler Shoes

Peddlers will have for each month a special outfit, but for some events too. Usually these outfits contain a hat too. They can be found in Port Royal, Tortuga, Padres de Fuego and Cuba. Don't hesitate, if you want go and buy quick because an outfit stays only two months.

Leaked Peddler Shoes

In October of 2012, 9 outfits were accidentally released to Live Servers. 3 of them were old repeats, one was the actual month's outfit, and the other 5 were all new. Below are the all-new peddler items from the outfits that only a handful of pirates got their hands on.

Peddler Holiday Shoes

Peddlers usually sell special outfits during certain Holidays. These usually stay in stock shorter than normal Peddler sets, sometimes they aren't every out for more than 2 days. They usually recur every year with their corresponding Holiday Event.

Peddler Special Event Shoes

Peddlers sometimes sell outfits during special events in the game, or just as a surprise. These outfits are usually out for a very short time, sometimes not even more than 3 days!

Loot Only Shoes

These shoes can only be found in loot and can sometimes be as hard to find as a famed weapon. So far, Chill Boots are the only shoes obtainable by looting.

Quest Clothing

These items can only be obtained through completion of certain quests.

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