Weapon Card
Shark Fang Knives - clearer.png
Boost(s) Adder +2,
Blade Instinct +1
Unique Ability Dagger Whirlwind
Attack Power 45
Group Fang Knives Group
Location Loot
Rarity Famed
Required Level Dagger 25
Value 148 Gold
Weapon Model

The Shark Fang Knives are a famed set of throwing knives. These deadly knives have the Dagger Whirlwind Weapon Skill, as well as boosts on both Adder and Blade Instinct.

They can only be found in Loot drops and require a fairly skilled pirate to wield them.

Weapon Group: Fang Knives Group

Demon Fang Group

Black Fang Knives.png Grim Fang Knives.jpg Raven Fang Knives.jpg Shark Fang Knives - clearer.png Demon Fang clearer.png

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