The Shadow Voodoo Doll is a rare bane doll introduced during the 2017 Halloween Update. This doll's wielder gains a small Poke boost. However, the two notable bonuses of this weapon are the Dark Curse Break Attack, which, when activated, will halve the damage of incoming ranged and melee attacks, as well as a +1 Attune Doll boost, which allows you to attune an extra target.

Type of doll: Bane Doll, Mojo Doll, Spirit Doll

Weapon Group: Dark Voodoo Doll Group

Dark Voodoo Group

DarkVoodooDoll ShadowVoodooDoll ForbiddenVoodooDoll

Game Notes

  • This doll and its stronger relative, the Forbidden Voodoo Doll, are the only dolls to provide an Attune Doll Boost. As such, they are the only Dolls that can raise Attune Doll to a rank higher than 5.
  • Like other dolls in the Forbidden Group, it is crafted in the likeness of Jolly Roger himself.
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