Weapon Card
Scallywag's Pistol
Attack ability Not in the Face! Rank 1
Immunities Pain Immunity Rank 1
Attack power 25
Barrels 1
Group Scoundrel's Pistol Group
Location Can only be found in loot.
Range Medium
Rarity Common
Required level Gun 10
Value 49 Gold
Weapon Model
Pistol 1

The Scallywag's Pistol is a Common, but fairly powerful weapon. This Pistol grants the user the Not in the Face! Weapon Skill, possibly making the enemy stop attacking you. It also has the Pain Immunity ability.

Scoundrel's Pistol Group

Scallywag's Pistol Robbers Pistol 2010-12-16 Scoundrel's Pistol - clearer

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