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This article contains information from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series and shows content that did not actually appear in Pirates of the Caribbean Online nor does it appear in The Legend of Pirates Online. It is merely here for background information.

Pirates of the Caribbean Characters
Sao Feng publicity photo.jpg
Name: Sao Feng
Job: Captain
Pirate Lord
Portrayed by: Chow Yun Fat
Ships used: Empress
Weapons: Dao
The only reason I would want to bring Jack Sparrow back from the land of the dead is so I could send him there myself.
— Sao Feng

Captain Sao Feng is a character in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, the sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Sao Feng is a fictional pirate based on legendary Chinese pirate Cheung Po Tsai. He was portrayed by actor Chow Yun-Fat.


Sao Feng is the Captain of a war junk called the Empress and leads a large gang of Chinese pirates. He is also in possession of a special map which can lead its owner to places beyond normal maps, like Davy Jones' Locker or The Fountain of Youth. It is this map that Hector Barbossa, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann planned to obtain - so they may save Jack Sparrow from Davy Jones' locker. After failing to get the map by saving his life, Feng in turn aids them - after the Black Guard assailed his fortress in Singapore.

Later, however, he betrays the others and takes Elizabeth hostage, believing that she is actually Calypso, goddess of the sea who was trapped in human form. When his ship is attacked by the Flying Dutchman, a huge piece of wood is blasted through his chest by a stray cannonball. He gives Elizabeth his token (an intricate knot necklace) which proves her a pirate lord to the Brethren Court and makes her Captain Swann upon his death.

Sao Feng can be translated to "hands of wind."

Game Terms

Sao Feng does NOT personally appear in Pirates of the Caribbean Online. He is mentioned here, merely for background purposes. You can, however, find his portrait, a treasure, that belongs to the Nine Rogues Collection. There are also Voodoo Dolls, such as the Silk Doll and Warlord Doll which use his likeness as the dolls' models.

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