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Santa Doll
Santa Doll Spirit Card.png
Attack Ability 48
Boost(s) Renew +3, Obviate +2
Healing Ability Healing Boost 3
Cost 20 Enchanted Moonstones
Location Yuletide Manor
Rarity Famed
Required Level Doll 30
Value 235 Gold
Weapon Model
Yuletide C.png

The Santa Doll is a Famed Spirit Doll added in the Yuletide Manor event update and it knows if you've been naughty or nice. This doll is made in the likeness of St. Nicholas himself. It's strong Healing Boost and Obviate boosts will surely make your friends jolly.

This doll also boosts your Renew skill to keep yourself healed up.

It can only be found at Yuletide Manor on Tortuga during the Holiday Event of December and January. It can only be purchased in exchange for Moonstones found by killing enemies during the event.

Game Notes

Santa Doll Spirit Card.png

  • This Voodoo Doll was added in The Legend of Pirates Online and NOT part of the original Pirates Online.
  • The doll originally at a Cure and Poke boost before being changed to a Spirit doll.