This is a page where you can try different ideas for userboxes.

Note: All userboxes need to be approved by an administrator before a template page is made.

Userbox Guidelines

  • Font needs to be clearly visible.
  • Images have to be square and equal size to other userboxes (55px).
  • Colors should coordinate well with the photo.
  • Images and topic should be directly related to the game or the wiki.
  • Weapon userboxes can only be created for Legendary weapons, the best weapon in a Weapon Group or a famed cursed weapon.
  • All userboxes need to be approved by an admin before a template is made.

Userbox Help

  • If you do not have a photo editing program, you can view some color codes here:
  • Userbox codes:
Userbox codes
has discovered the secret of the SOT.}}

Test Userboxes

Use this space to try out your userbox idea.

464px-Screen shot 2011-10-06 at 4.41.24 PM This user gets knocked out too many times by Jolly Roger!

Screen Shot 2012-04-21 at 9.41.38 PM This user is a master of Repair. Sandbox is a meek and humble pirate.

File:100px-Flag of Germany.svg.png Sandbox is a German User.

Thialdn Sandbox is a Thainese user.

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