Weapon Card
Sacred Pistol Profile
Boost(s) Silver Shot +3
Immunities Life Drain Rank 1
Unique ability Cleanse Rank 3
Attack power 65
Barrels 1
Group Sacred Pistol Group
Location Can only be found in loot.
Range Medium
Rarity Famed
Required level Gun 25
Value 292 Gold
Weapon Model
Pistol 1

The Sacred Pistol is a powerful famed single barrel pistol. This Pistol grants a pirate the Cleanse Weapons Skill at a powerful Rank of 3, and makes the pirate immune to the Life Drain attack. This single-shot-shooting firearm also gives a Silver Shot boost. This gun is also great in PvP. If you find it, you will have the upper hand to the undead.

Sacred Pistol Group

Silver Pistol 2010-11-16 Holy Pistol 2010-12-05 Sacred pistol Divine pistol

Game Notes

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