Stick Pirates
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Cursed blades, are some of the strongest and rarest weapons in the Caribbean. You can only obtain these weapons by finishing the third Story Quest, The Raven's Cove Story Quest. You can only find Cursed blades in, El Patron's Mine, Cave of Lost Souls, and Cursed Caverns. The best chance of getting any Cursed Blades is
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i found whalebone after ten mines on a quiet server

to be on a quiet server. Ideal, and full servers are the worst places to loot for anything.

What I do when I'm looting is go to a quiet server, then go to Raven's Cove or Tormenta. I go to the southern idol on Raven's Cove were the four ghost stand and I use a blunderbuss on them. For Tormenta I go to the Gold Room or Thrall Room. Its a good idea to take a friend or healer with you when you go to these places. The Gold Room, Thrall Room, and South Idol are good places to loot, because there are big groups of enemies.

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