Island Rumrunner's
Below is the soundtrack that is played while on Rumrunner's Isle.
Music rumrunner

Jack...Jack! Did ye not notice? That be the same little island we made you governor of on our last little trip.

...I did notice.

This small stretch of sand is right out of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, including the small rum cellar where Captain Jack Sparrow stayed alive after being stranded. But, other than nostalgia, there's not a lot here.

It also the home to Bastien Craven, a hermit.



Beach - This small island has killer wasps and scorpions. Beginning players can level blades and pistol here. Unlike many wild islands, there are so many scorpions on Rumrunner's that leveling voodoo and grenades is not out of the question.

Rum Cellar - This is a small room built down into the the island and if you look by the dig spot you should find the door to get in. Lower levels may not be able to get in because the door is guarded by a wasp.

Rum Cellar

Trap door and stairs leading down into the Rum Cellar.



Digs / Special:

Rum Dig 3
Rum dig 1
First digspot is north of the Rum Cellar . Second digspot is located between the dinghy and the Rum Cellar .
Rum dig 4
Rum dig 2
The third digspot is located between a group of wasps and near the path leading to the other beach. The fourth digspot is located near Venom Lash in between a group of trees with wasps nearby, approximately halfway between cliff & beach in center of clearing.
Rum cellar
The Rum Cellar is located near Bastien Craven in between a group of trees.



Game Notes:

Though not mentioned in the game, the island was actually named Black Sam's Spit in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Very small islands are often referred to as 'spits' of land.

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