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The Royal Navy is charged by the Crown with keeping peace in the Caribbean, protecting the shipping lanes, and most important (to most of them), capturing pirates. Unfortunately for the Crown, some Navy Officers aren't as honest as perhaps they should be. The Caribbean is as corrupt as it is beautiful, and it has proven easy to grow lax so far from home. Instead of protecting civilians, many Navy officials extort gold under the pretense of "taxes" and generally oppress anyone they think they can push around. Some officers and guards can be bribed –– others turn their heads when crimes are committed. Though their Black Guard counterparts are stronger, all Navy personnel are still formidable fighters and should be approached with great caution.

The Royal Navy refers to the navy of Great Britain. It was the world's most powerful navy at its time. Not long after the discovery of the New World and its potential riches, the Royal Navy was soon dispatched with its many ships across the sea to expand England's influence and to protect its citizens and merchants doing business in the Caribbean.

The Royal Navy is a primary enemy in Pirates of the Caribbean Online and all of its units are identified by their red markings. Pirates venturing too close to a Navy soldier or ship will be subject to attack.

Navy Soldiers


Stationed at the various Royal Navy outposts across the Caribbean and aboard Royal Navy ships, these troops represent the might of the British Empire.

While many are just inexperienced youth fresh off the boats, there are a large number of well-trained and dangerous soldiers who won't show a pirate an ounce of mercy.

Name Level Weapon Health
Cadet 2-4Bayonet100-175
Guard 4-7Bayonet250-550
Marine 6-10Cutlass350-750


Veteran 13-21Bayonet1,050-1,550
Dragoon 23-30Bayonet2,150-2,750
Officer 18-45Cutlass1,550-3,750


Here are some tough Navy baddies you may encounter. They are stronger and have far more health than their normal counterparts.

The Royal Navy Guild

A Game Master Guild was created for the Navy. These characters appear in role playing events. These are the known members, Every member is potentially dangerous:


Navy Ships

Royal Navy Centurion

Royal Navy ships are identified by their red markings and flagships fly red flags. They can be found in all areas of the Caribbean and will NOT hesitate to open fire on a buccaneer's vessel.


These small craft stick close the safe shores of Port Royal.

Name Class Level Hull
Ferret Light Sloop1-3700-1,100
Bulwark Light Galleon6-72,000-2,600
Panther Light Frigate9-113,000-3,200


Vessels of this class have been spotted in a wide range of places, but mostly to the West of Port Royal around Cuba, Rumrunner's Isle and Driftwood Island. They are not very powerful ships, but can be a threat to weaker pirate craft.

Name Class Level Hull
Greyhound Sloop 11-133,200-3,600
Vanguard Galleon 176,800
Centurion Frigate 197,500


These mighty vessels are dangerous enough, but they also shoot Firebrand rounds. A few of these ships have been spotted around Port Royal, but mostly spread out around Padres Del Fuego all the way to Kingshead and Outcast.

Name Class Level Hull
Kingfisher War Sloop 21-235,200
Monarch War Galleon 25-2610,000
Man O' War War Frigate 28-3012,100

Heavy Warship

Only the bravest or most fool-hardy pirate engage these powerful vessels in combat. They shoot Firebrand rounds. These ships have mostly been spotted around Padres Del Fuego and points farther East.

Name Class Level Hull
Predator War Sloop 29-318,000
Colossus War Galleon 35-3716,000
Dreadnought War Frigate 38-4019,700
Elite War Frigate 69-7134,000

Bounty Hunters associated with the Royal Navy

All Bounty Hunters are Hired by the Royal Navy, however, at Scoundrel Level 4, a special class of Bounty Hunter, Warship is sent by the navy to attack you. They are the elite of the navy and will not stop until you are sunk!

Name Class Level Hull
En-Garde War Frigate 59-61 ?
Tally-ho Ship of the Line 59-61 ?
Battle-Royale Ship of the Line 59-61 ?

Ships of the Line

HMS Invincible

These massive extensions of war are found in the Treasure Fleets of the Royal Navy. They deploy deadly volleys of Firebrand and Explosive rounds, and can easily sink even the largest of warships.

The Goliath is found only in the Black Pearl Boss Battle.

Name Level
HMS Goliath 40
HMS Invincible 79-81
HMS Newcastle 79-81
HMS Victory 79-81

Forts and Outposts


Large stone forts can be found on several main islands and stand to represent the Navy's power in the region. They house troops, defend towns and are located near jails to keep wrong-doers locked up. The Royal Navy also operates other sites in the Caribbean to maintain their presence.

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