A large, subterranean facility on Port Royal, the Royal Navy uses this cave as a prison work camp of sorts. Elsewhere, there are scattered tents for the imprisoned workers - many of whom will happily heal an injured pirate for only 5 gold. You will have to visit here multiple times to complete the Fine Cutlass Upgrade Quest.

There is a jail building, but if you are Knocked Out here, you will wake up in the main Port Royal jail. This place is likely to house the imprisoned workers.

Pirates can get here from the Governor's Garden or Wicked Thicket.

It is very similar to Beckett's Quarry on Padres Del Fuego. The cave area has undergone a major change since the Island Destructions.

There are lots of EITC and Navy soldiers here, but they are not anywhere as dangerous. While there are no permanent bosses in this area, some unstationary bosses are known to appear here.

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Royal Navy

East India Trading Co.


The only characters the pirate can interact with here are the group of prisoners who toil away in the work camp. Some of these poor souls are still happy to help any pirate who wanders in by offering to heal them for only 5 gold.


Royal Caverns

Dig Spots

Many of the spots can be found at the various dead ends.

Royal caverns digmap

Storage Containers

Storage Containers can be found within Royal Caverns for quests.

Royal Caverns - Storage Containers
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