Rose Winsome
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Occupation Pirate
Faction Marceline Guild
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Rose Winsome is an officer of the Marceline guild.


Rose Winsome is a friendly but elusive pirate, making her most intriguing. Her past remains shrouded in mystery and she trusts only a select few with the details of her life. But rumor has it that Rose appeared in the Faithful Bride on Tortuga one night, disheveled and armed with only a pistol. She wanted to know the whereabouts of a red-haired scoundrel with a large scar across his face. Failing to receive a satisfactory answer, Rose demanded to know where Jack Sparrow was. By the crazed look in her eyes and how she wielded the pistol, everyone thought Jack was as good as dead. But three days later, a very calm Rose was seen as a part of Jack’s crew. Afterwards, she sailed with Jack quite frequently – where she met Sandra Tew who soon invited her into the Marceline Guild.

Always up for adventure, Rose is very superstitious and doesn’t like to tempt fate. She was taught by Sandra Tew to perform rituals of good fortune before taking any chances. Rose’s weapon of choice is her lucky pistol she always has on her – whether you can see it or not – so beware. Some say the pistol belonged to the only man she’s ever loved but no one knows the true story except Rose herself. This we do know – she’s one of the best pistol shots the Caribbean has ever seen. --Quoted from Pirates Online.



Rumor has it Rose Winsome can be found in one of the taverns in Tortuga, playing blackjack or in Rat’s Nest, practicing her aim on the Undead. Since the death of Captain Walter, members of the Marceline have been keeping a low profile.

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