Dagger dodge
A Rolling Attack is a special sword strike, whereby the pirate performs an impressive forward roll to surprise their enemy with a vicious thrust as they come up. The Shark Blade and Pirate Cutlass groups feature this ability. Rolling Attack charges over time when the weapon is equipped.

Note - This skill recharges faster than most other weapon skills. Note - You have to be away from the enemy for it to work. Rolling attack can also be used for moving quickly.

  • It should be noted that Rolling Attack strangely works even if your Pirate has been afflicted with Shackles. This may help its user for when Jolly Roger's Invasions happen; without it, no Pirate would be able to keep inflicting melee damage against him under his Grave Bind.


The following Cutlasses have this ability:

Sea Dog's Cutlass Swashbuckler's Cutlass1 Buccaneer's Cutlass PrivateersCutlass
Shark Blade 2011-01-10 Corsair's Cutlass - clearer UpdatedSevenSeasCutlass Tiger Shark Blade 2010-11-27
Black shark blade Desert claw. Cursed Blade of Yore
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