Weapon Card
Robber's Musket
Boost(s) Dodge +1
Immunities Pain Immunity Rank 2
Unique ability Not in the Face! Rank 2
Attack power 61
Barrels 1
Group Soundrel's Musket Group
Location Loot
Range Long
Rarity Rare
Required level 23
Value 183 Gold
Weapon Model

The Robber's Musket is a plain-looking, but powerful and all-business Rare Musket. This musket has the Not in the Face! and Pain Immunity abilities. The wielder also receives a small Dodge boost.

This musket shares the strongest attack of any Rare Musket in the game with the Holy Musket.

It can only be found in Loot. Weapon Group: Scoundrel Group

Scoundrel's Musket Group

Scallywag's Musket Robber's Musket Scoundrel's musket

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