Note: This article refers to content from a seasonal event, which usually reoccurs once every year.
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Roast Pork appears during celebrations, like the Founder's Feast (now known as the Gathering of the Guilds Feast), or Mardi Gras, when pirates build bonfires on the beaches of Tortuga and roast whole pigs over fire pits. Pirates are free to take some of the delicious meat - which has potent healing. One piece of pork can replenish all of the user's health. Each visit to a fire pit grants 5 pieces of delicious pork at a time. They are used the same as any tonic. Roast Pork can also be used to revive others.


Smoking meats has long been a tradition in the Caribbean. The term buccaneer is actually derived from the French word "Boucanier". A boucan was a rack used for smoking meat. Settlers in the region became known for this method and when they rebelled against local rule - they were simply referred to as boucaniers.

Game Notes

  • The pork remains in the pirate's inventory even after the events are over. Fortunately for a pirate (though unrealistically), the meat does not spoil, so one can keep it indefinitely.
  • Originally one could carry 10 pieces; but with the new inventory system, one can now only carry 5.
  • Though it was a rare healing tonic, a Basic Access Player could use it.
  • The Player will make a chewing noise when it is consumed.
  • In 2008 - 2009 there was a glitch where after you consume the pork, the next weapon you would take out would be the Roast Pork.
  • Before 2011, the Roast Pork had a different look.

The Old Roast Pork pictured on its Info Card.

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