Boss Icon
Rip Tail
Enemy type Scorpion
Health 50-250
Level(s) 1-5
Location(s) Wildwoods, Devil's Anvil

Rip Tail is a Giant Scorpion Boss, a large poisonous arachnid under the control of Jolly Roger's voodoo.

He appears at levels 1-5 and is not terribly dangerous to most pirates but can sometimes be found near colonies of other scorpions.


Game Notes

Rip Tail was originally a Giant Scorpion boss in Pirates Online but after the Island Destructions update, he was changed to a Corrupt Stump. In Legend of Pirates Online, Rip Tail has been restored to being a more aptly fitting Giant Scorpion.

Rip Tail (TLOPO)Rip Tail

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