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Equipment Card
Unique Ability Infinite Fury 1
Boost(s) Fury +1
Location Cannon Defense Loot
Rarity Rare
Required Level Cannon 24
Value 91 Gold
Item Model
Cannon ram 3.png

The Revenant Cannon Ram is a rare cannon ram that grants the pirate Infinite Fury rounds and increased damage to the Fury ammo. Due to its extraordinary power, it is one of the most highly-sought items in the game.

When attached to the pirate's Weapon Belt, it also grants a boost to ships using the Skull & Crossbones ship upgrade.

Game Notes

  • The Revenant Cannon Ram is a favorite in plundering and SvS for its endless ammunition supply and high damage capacity.
  • It can be found by playing Cannon Defense, but players must first survive until at least wave 52 to have a chance to receive this prize.