Often, a pirate may have realized they have not trained enough in one ability or trained in an ability they don't use or need. If so, they can Retrain or relearn a skill set.

This can be accomplished easily. A trainer can be found at each blacksmith shop around the islands. These skilled experts will help you retain for a fee. But, be warned. For each time you retrain the same skill, the cost goes up - starting at only 250g, but maxing at 10,000! It is a good idea to retrain your skills if you decide to become basic. Retrain all your skills and upgrade your basic skills to the max so that you can still be a powerful basic pirate.


Padres Del Fuego

Port Royal




Once you find a trainer, approach and press Shift. You will be prompted for which skill you need to relearn. Upon selection, you will be notified of the cost and asked if you wish to continue.

When you click yes, all of your abilities in that skill are reset to 0. And all of your skill points will be refunded so you can place them where you see fit.

Game Note

You cannot move skill points from one skill to another.

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