Reputation gain with a boost from the Jack's Brew potion

Reputation is how famous or infamous a pirate is in the Caribbean. It also relates to how wanted you are by the authorities of the Royal Navy and East India Trading Company.

As a pirate uses their skills, performs Quests, and defeats enemies, they earn experience or reputation points. These points increase a pirate's Notoriety.

Once the reputation reaches the maximum for that Notoriety level, the pirate's Notoriety increases and a new maximum is set, that is until you reach level 50 or become a mastered pirate.

The amount of reputation may be a set value, like completing part of a quest or an entire quest. But, reputation earned from defeating enemies or sinking ships is relative to the Skills of the pirate vs. the level of their enemy.

There are occasions where you can get special potions and quests to increase the Notoriety your earn. Another way to boost you Notoriety is by being in a crew.

Note: Level 50 pirates do not have a maximum set of reputation to earn, for they are mastered pirates.

Ways to Increase Reputation Gains

  • Jack's Brew: +500% Rep gain
  • Double Reputation Weekends: +100% gains
  • Father's Day Quest Reward: +100% gains
  • Hardy Matey Potion Rank 1/2: +15%/+30% gains
  • Crew Bonus: Starts at +20% with one Pirate nearby, goes up by +5% for every additional close-by Pirate, up to +50%

Note- Crew Bonus stacks with all of the other bonuses. However, it is unknown if the other bonuses stack with each other. If they did, however, the reputation gain would be MASSIVE. Take 115 rep x 6 x 2 x 2 x 1.5. That would be over 3,000 reputation per defeat!

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