To protect players from abusive behavior, Pirates of the Caribbean Online allows a pirate to inform the administrators if another player is causing a problem.

Simply click on the pirate themselves, or their name in Chat or your Hearties menu. Then, in their Pirate Profile - click Moderation and Report.

The game will prompt for what type of problem the pirate is causing. You can choose Foul Language, Sharing/Requesting Personal Info, Rude or Mean Behavior or Bad Name for the report. Once a report is sent, an administrator will investigate the pirate's behavior and decide what action to take. Sadly, since there is no space for comments, Report doesn't always work on action.

After a report has been issued, that pirate will automatically be Ignored.

Game Notes:

  • If you abuse this power you can get banned for it. Many players do not believe this to be true and overuse the feature for ridiculous reasons. For example, you can't report someone for not helping you with a quest.
  • If the player that you report is a pirate friend, or player friend, they will automatically be deleted from your friends list.
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