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Remington The Vicious
Enemy type Assassin
Faction East India Trading Company
Health 25,500 - 32,500 HP
Level(s) 28-35
Location(s) Kingshead
Weapon(s) used Dagger

Remington the Vicious is one of the most deadly members of the EITC's Black Guard in the entire Caribbean, next to Neban the Silent. He can be found in the fortress on Kingshead, overseeing his minions from the top of a catwalk.

He is a lethal assassin for Lord Cutler Beckett and is very tough to defeat alone. He has extremely high health, which can exceed 30,000 points. He attacks pirates with daggers and throws with lethal precision.


Pirates will need to kill Remington for the Vile Staff upgrade. He can be almost impossible to defeat alone, a trait he shares with Neban the Silent.

Loyal Killer

In payment for his years of service to the East India Trading Company, it is rumored that Remington was given a special gift from his commanding officer Ian Mercer of the Black Guard: Mercer's Pistol.

This powerful handgun, built by the Abu Nar Clan, is an extremely rare Legendary item.

Game Notes

  • Remington originally would look different each time he spawned. In The Legend of Pirates Online, he now has a consistent look.
  • Remington wears an Admiral's Hat with a gold trim rather than the grey trim sported by other EITC Black Guard members, befitting his status as one of Beckett's Lieutenants and Mercer's closest subordinates.