Below is the soundtrack that is played while on Rambleshack.
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Rambleshack is a very small island where the player begins their journey in the Pirates of the Caribbean Online game, with Jolly Roger attacking the island with cannon fire. This small patch of land contains only a small dock, warehouse and jail - where the player's pirate awakes in. They can be on any Welcome Ocean server. It is a tutorial server that guides the player throughout the Set Sail Story Quest, which helps them get familiar with the game. When the pirate reaches about level 3, they are transferred to a regular server.

The island functions as a tutorial, where the player creates their pirate's look, gender, clothes, and acquires their first weapon.

Hurried Introduction


After Pirate Creation, Captain Jack Sparrow introduces himself and helps the player escape.

The island is being assaulted from Jolly Roger in his vain search for Jack Sparrow, and most of the inhabitants have fled.


After running to a nearby building, the pirate meets up with Will Turner who gives them their first cutlass and explains what's happening.

Once armed and educated, two skeletons appear and Will tells the pirate to hurry out. The pirate has to fight their way to the docks, where Captain Bo Beck was waiting to take Jack Sparrow off the island.

Escape from Rambleshack


However, just as the player boards Beck's ship, the Grim Reaper, a skeleton ship appears and blocks their exit. The player quickly mans a cannon and takes it down. However, escape is not possible.

Jolly Roger's flagship, the Harkaway, arrives. Jolly appears on Beck's ship - demanding to find Sparrow.

Turns out, Beck was supposed to deliver the fleeing Jack to him. But, Sparrow bribed Beck into not turning him over. And to insure his escape, the wily pirate has tricked the player's pirate character into taking his fateful place aboard Beck's ship.

Jolly Roger punishes Beck by turning him into a skeleton.

Dead Men Tell No Tales


Jolly needs someone to relay a message for him, so the player pirate is spared. But, the player is forced to abandon ship - Jolly wants Sparrow to know that he's coming for him.

When the scene changes, the pirate is in Port Royal and your pirate adventure has begun!

Game Notes

  • Originally, the island was referred to as Bilge Water and the pirate ended up at a Tavern where Doggerel Dan and his wife provided the tutorial.
  • Also, after visiting Doggerel Dan and his wife, you were given your Sea Chest.
  • Just when you've made your character and are getting out of your jail cell, go to the cell on your right and you will see a small dog in the locked jail cell, which soon escapes and can be seen on Outcast Isle.
  • The song played in Rambleshack is the same as Cuba
    Jailed Dog.
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