Quest Journal


Each pirate carries a journal or book to keep notes of their current goals. When they accept a new quest, it is placed in the book. As the pirate completes the quest, the journal tracks how far along into the quest they are.

The journal details what needs to be done and where (if specific locations are required), progress made and what rewards will be received. This journal is given to the pirate by Will Turner at the beginning of the game.

Some quests automatically appear in the journal once a pirate reaches a certain Notoriety level. These quests are often for new weapons, treasures or teleportation totems.

A pirate can get assistance in completing a quest, by selecting it with the Track option. Then, their Compass will indicate where the next quest goal. Like Jack Sparrow's compass it points to the thing you desire most. Also, a tracked quest object will place a mark on the pirate's Map.

Story Quests

These quests are part of the main quest given to you, usually by main characters and involve advancing the storyline. As a reward, you will receive Notoriety points.

So for there are only 3 story quests in the game:

Fortune Quests

These quests are optional and usually given to you by townsperson or by main characters in addition to the fame quests. The reward is usually gold, treasure, or Notoriety.

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