Pvt John Nickelby
Private John Nickelby
Occupation Black Guard Soldier
Faction East India Trading Company
GM icon
Private John Nickelby is a member of the Black Guard, part of the East India Trading Company and mercenary for hire to Lord Cutler Beckett. He is also a GM-played character, that has appeared at several role-playing events such as The Black Guard Cometh.

Recently he appeared along with fellow Private George Peabody for the Talk Like A Pirate Day event, where they asked the Marceline guild on how to talk like a pirate.

It was hinted that they were actually sent by Captain Ellison Shaw to get information on pirates' recent activities. Like other Black Guard, he has the Knock Out ability allowing him to dispose of pesky pirates.

Game Notes

  • Private Nickelby has an old Body Type.
  • His name may be inspired by the Charles Dicken's classic Nicholas Nickelby.
  • John Nickelby was added to TLOPO as a random boss along with all the other Black Guard GMs.

Skill Levels

  • Notoriety: Level 11
  • Cannon: Level 1
  • Sailing: Level 1
  • Sword: Level 2
  • Gun: Level 14


Boss Icon
John Nickelby
John Nickelby Profile
Enemy type Thug
Faction East India Trading Company
Health 2,750-5,750
Level(s) 8-14
Location(s) Thieves' Den, Royal Caverns
Weapon(s) used Dagger
John Nickelby, an EITC Thug Boss may randomly appear near East India outposts in the Thieves' Den or the Royal Caverns. If he appears, he will take the place of another Thug.

He carries a variety of lethal daggers and could be a definite threat to beginning pirates.

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