Dummy sweep
Practice Dummies are stuffed targets used to practice with your swords. At the beginning of the game, in the Warehouse on Rambleshack, Will Turner uses practice dummies to show you how to fight with your first cutlass. They can be found in the Old Warehouse on Port Royal. The dummies have only 1 heath point.


  • You can use most weapons on them, but only cutlass sword combo attacks can destroy them.
  • When you are fighting the dummies with a sword, you can destroy them in one Sweep.
  • When you are fighting a dummy with a sword, you can destroy them with the Slash Skill .
  • You do NOT receive reputation points (rep) for sparring with these dummies.
  • There is a glitch with practice dummies that when you use evil eye on them you can crash the game.
  • Before the Island Destructions and reconstruction, a lone practice dummy would sit outside the Old Warehouse.

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