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Powder Keg Runners, commonly known as Keg Runners, are skeletons and members of Jolly Roger's Undead army.

So far, they have only appeared during invasions. Jolly Roger has them haul large kegs of gunpowder and to their main targets - the island barricades. If successful, they cause a massive amount of damage to the barrier, quickening Jolly's assault.


Even if they are killed before they reach their target, the keg will STILL detonate!

Nearby pirates will suffer full force of the blast, which can cause if the toughest pirates to get knocked out or severely injured. The blast radius will damage any pirates in the immediate area.

The strength of the explosion can vary with how many pirates are defending the island and how close the pirate is to the blast. Powder-Keg Runners can appear as early as Wave 2. They may appear a few at a time or in an entire troop.

The best strategy is to attack at long range, having other pirates stay clear until the Keg Runners have detonated.


Keg Runners only appear during invasions on either Port Royal, Tortuga or Padres Del Fuego.


  • As soon as you spot one, GET SOME DISTANCE! Pirates are often distracted fighting other enemies when a Keg Runner will suddenly be right on top of them.
  • Powder Keg Runners can destroy a barricade by themselves! Take them out quickly.
  • You can distract them and lead them to detonate elsewhere.
  • Guns, grenades, throwing knives, or Staves are best for distance.
  • If playing in a crew, assign sharpshooters to focus on Keg Runners.
  • When engaging, check for other pirates. Warn them if you can.
  • Grave Shackles can give your mates time to escape, savvy? It also keeps them from reaching the barricades.
  • Do NOT try and Revive any downed mates until ALL the nearby Keg Runners are cleared or you'll be the next victim.
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