Powder-Burnt Pete
Powder burnt pete
Occupation Gunsmith
Business Name Powder-Burnt Pete's Weaponry
Location Name Las Pulgas
Island Name Padres Del Fuego
Icon gunsmith
Powder-Burnt Pete one of several gunsmiths on Padres Del Fuego but the only one in the far-flung village of Las Pulgas.

One can imagine how Pete earned his nickname, but he still plies his trade and offers a small variety of powerful and finely-crafted firearms, grenades, and cannonballs out of his shop - along with additional ammunition pouches, grenade sacks and barrels. Pirates fighting General Darkhart often stop in at Pete's to pick up more ammunition or sell off plundered loot.


Pete's selection of firearms is not very deep, but each is a very finely built weapon and not easy to find elsewhere.

Name Cost Damage
Ornate Repeater 2,810g 15
Volley Pistol 3,700g 26
Royal Musket 3,700g 66
Royal Blunderbuss 4,230g 72
Master Bayonet 3,200g 60
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