Boss Icon
Skeleton 4
Enemy type Undead Witchdoctor
Faction Undead
Health 1,750-4,250
Level(s) 6-11
Location(s) Murky Hollow, King's Run, Governor's Garden, Tortuga Graveyard, Wildwoods
Weapon(s) used Voodoo Doll

Poppet is an Undead Witchdoctor Boss haunting locations around Port Royal, but she has appeared among Jolly Roger's army during invasions.


  • She appears at levels ranging from 6-11 and is a danger to new pirates.
  • Poppet uses Poke, Swarm and Curse voodoo attacks.


Game Notes

Poppet is the nickname Pintel gives to Elizabeth Swann. It means an endearingly sweet or pretty child or young girl. If this Poppet was a pretty, young girl... she's long past that now.

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