Dummy poke
Voodoo poke Poke is a voodoo hex in which the pirate pokes their voodoo doll with a needle and inflicts damage on the enemy as if they were actually poking them with a lethal weapon.

Poke is the most basic skill. A pirate will automatically have it when they first obtain their voodoo doll by completing the Weapon Unlock: Voodoo Doll.

It does the least damage, but it also recharges the fastest. Skill point upgrades increase the damage and decreases the recharge time. The amount of damage done will depend on the user's voodoo doll skill, any special abilities and even the type of doll used.

To use poke, have your voodoo doll out and then press 1 or click the Poke icon.

Game Note

Spending skill points for Conservation will reduce the voodoo power cost per rank.

Conservation Rank Voodoo Used
0 5
1 5
2 5
3 4
4 4
5 4
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