Weapon Card
Poisoned Cutlass Card
Attack ability Not in the Face! Rank 1
Unique ability Venom Strike Rank 1
Attack power 22
Group Assassin's Cutlass Group
Location Can only be found in loot.
Rarity Common
Required level Sword 6
Value 28 Gold
Weapon Model
Cutlass E

The Assassin's Cutlass is a Common Cutlass and is the first Weapon of the the Assassin's Cutlass Group. This Common Cutlass gives the Not in the Face! Weapon Skill which which when used may make an enemy stop attacking a pirate and move on to another opponent. If the pirate is running away, there is a chance the enemy will not follow, making it easier to disengage an enemy in a hurry. The Rank 1 Venom Strike that poisons the target for an amount of time once the weapon comes in contact with them.

Assassin's Cutlass Group

Poisoned Cutlass Card Venomed Cutlass Card Assassin's Cutlass Card

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