Plank Sawing is part of a Ship Repair mini-game that pirates can play fix their vessel at sea or to earn some pocket money repairing vessels at the tables stationed around each Shipwright stand on land. These tables are marked with signs, indicating the difficulty of the repairs needed and at shipwright tables. The faster you go the more gold you will earn.

Easy Medium Hard
Easy TableMedium TableHard Table

At sea, simply walk to a part of your ship that has a hole in the deck and press Shift. There is one difference between land and sea repairing. The first obstical in sea and land.

Play Plank Sawing


This challenge is to cut planks as quickly and neatly as possible. Using the mouse, left-click to grab the saw and drag it along the BLACK LINE in the wood plank. This can be straight, diagonal, corner or even zig-zag.

The closer you can stay to the black line, the better your score. If you stay on the black line, you only need three cuts. With "Great," you just slightly went off that black line, with "OK," you were all over the shaded area of the board. If you go into the unshaded area of the board, you'll hear splintering wood, and the text "Terrible - board destroyed" will appear in red.

A mini-picture in the upper right will display the next kind of cut that will be needed.


Some pirates suggest moving quickly once you have the saw lined up. Any adjustments or shaking of the mouse could result in an 'OK' or broken board.

'Easy' Class sawing

There are only two for this - Horizontal and Vertical

Saw Horizontal
Saw Vertical

'Normal' Class sawing

There are four ways for this - Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal and the L shape

Saw Horizontal2
Saw Vertical2
Saw Diagonal
Saw LShape

'Hard' Class sawing

There are three ways for this - Diagonal, the L Shape and the Lightning Flash Shape

Saw Diagonal2
Saw LShape2
Saw LFlash