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Pirates of the Caribbean: Call of the Kraken is a side game to Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

Game Plot

The game takes place many years before the events of Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Online, or any other plot-related merchandise to Pirates of the Caribbean. It tells the tale of how Davy Jones brought about his power to bind Calypso into her human body. Jones uses the power of the Kraken and The Book of Ancient Seas, to pursue the first Pirate Lords of the seas into lending their hand in helping bind Calypso. The player plays as the Kraken and has to travel to various oceans and wreck havoc to force the lords into helping Jones. The story progresses as each Lord is subdued in this manner.

Game Play

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The Kraken is commanded from a bird's eye view, to eliminate ships that come in her way. The ships vary from sloops to bigger ships. The battle is complicated, and is based upon the need to collect souls by destroying enemy ships. The usurped souls improve the Kraken's power. The souls are used on the various skills of the Kraken for attack, and at one point the player can master them all. The player receives a reward in the end - a Kraken tattoo, in Pirates Online. This can be received by typing the code given, in chat in POTCO. Remember to type a '/' before typing the code.

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Call of the Kraken