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This Wiki was established to provide information about Pirates of the Caribbean Online, for players or fans of the game.

Pirates of the Caribbean Online was a Massive, Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). Thousands of players, world-wide, created pirate characters and interacted while performing quests, fighting enemies, and playing mini-games set in the world of Pirates of the Caribbean, based on the films, books and Disney amusement park ride.

Now the wiki continues on by documenting the ongoing development of the fan made remake of the game, The Legend of Pirates Online.

The Wiki is open to all users to add, edit, and update articles as the game itself is always changing.

The Pirates Online News Archive contains the News and Events announced on Disney's Pirates Online Website.

Currently, the site has a number of administrators and registered members who continue to add quality information to the Wiki or help in keeping it orderly. Fully registered members can be promoted to Administrator after continued display of responsible editing.

Pirates of the Caribbean Online Wiki is not associated in any official way with the Walt Disney Company, its subsidiaries, or its affiliates.

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