Before the development of The Legend of Pirates Online, a different project by the name of Pirates Online Rewritten attempted to recreate Pirates of the Caribbean Online. Work on the project started in late 2013 and early 2014 with their first Update Video posted by JohnnyDaPirate on January 26, 2014. Constant updates were released since then, up until November 30, 2014 when the Developers announced the cancellation of the project. A month later however the cancellation was recalled and development continued. Four months after the recall, Rewritten merged with the project TLOPO to try and complete the project at a faster and easier pace. So by default, Pirates Online Rewritten is cancelled.



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Rewritten managed to make much progress throughout its development such as making the basic layout of all the islands, making several of the clothing items, walking/jumping animations, the ability to play as Jolly Roger himself and other miscellaneous things. All of the progress the team made was documented by JohnnyDaPirate on his YouTube channel.


As the name implies, the goal was to completely rewrite POTCO from the ground up. They also were against adding any Disney content. On the flip-side, TLOPO decided to use old game files to revive the game and still include Disney content.

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